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The Early Years Professional Development portal gives Child Care Resource and Referral programs an online platform to promote learning opportunities for Early Childhood Educators and Families throughout B.C.


General Questions

There is a Change Password button at the bottom of the event listing page.

There are a few answers to this question!

Generally there are three scenarios:

1. You have a multi-day event that runs for a few days in a row (like a weekend conference).
This is the most straightoforward secenario, just fill in the actual times and days of the repeating event and it will show up on the calendar for each day that it runs.

2. You have a long-running event but attendees have to sign up before it starts (for example a course that runs for several months).
In this case, you should post the event as a one-day event (the last day of registration) and then put the actual dates in the event description. This way the event doesn’t show up in the calendar every day that it runs (since people can’t sign up anymore)

3. You have a long-running event and attendees can sign up anytime (for example a weekly drop-in group).
Make this a one day event that repeats weekly – that way the event keeps showing up for people to register or learn about, but doesn’t clutter up the calendar.

On the main page of the site, there are three buttons in the top right corner:

These are only visible when you are logged in.

Clicking ‘My Events’ will take you to a list of events you have posted. To edit or add an event, click the relevant button:

Clicking edit event will take you to a different list of your events where you can edit or delete them:


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