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Jun 25 2022


9:30 am - 12:30 pm

What to Do When it Feels like a Zoo – Compassionate Behaviour Management




During this interactive online workshop, we will investigate the underlying roots of some of the most common negative behaviors we see in our centres. Together we will explore how to address the triggers and replace frustration with effective, compassionate, and supportive management skills. Through engaging activities, demos and discussions participants will learn practical strategies to help prevent or defuse disruptive behaviors, while bringing a loving sense of joy, productivity, respect, and calm. Join Simmy as we change the lens on how we view and respond to acting out, and soon you’ll be replacing those headache pills in your ECE tool-kit with some great behavior management skills!
Living Inquiries:

Well-being and belonging.


Joy in relationships with people, place, materials and ideas.
Safety and respect.
Emotions, thoughts, and views.
Knowledge and theories.

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