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Home Events - Early Years BC Child Growth and Development Online Webinar – Little Bodies, Big Emotions: Understanding and Nurturing Children’s Emotional Well-Being


Jul 10 2024


Registration Closes: July 10th
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm





Webinar – Little Bodies, Big Emotions: Understanding and Nurturing Children’s Emotional Well-Being

Emotion, often considered a nuisance we need to quiet or calm down, is now confirmed to be at the core of human development and well-being. Misunderstood by scholars and caregivers for over a hundred years, there is so much we have to un-do. Current neuroscience reveals the essential and playful path to emotional health and maturation for us all. Yet, little is being taught about the nature of emotions or their implications for caregiving. To make sense of emotions is to make sense of children and adults alike. Join us to gain insights and working and playing knowledge of the science of emotions. We will explore:
How emotion seeks expression, facilitating safe expression by learning the gift each child’s emotion could deliver.
Understanding the caregiver’s role in nurturing the five steps to emotional maturation.
Recognizing emotion as the catalyst for troublesome behaviours.
Sustaining a safe and respectful caregiving relationship with children when emotion-driven behaviours erupt.

Living Inquiries:
Well-being and Belonging.
Communication and Literacies.

Joy in relationships with people, place, materials and ideas.
Diversity and difference.
Safety and respect.
Emotions, thoughts, and views.
Every child is a gift.
Multiple modes of communication.
Language and communication.
Suitable for students, parents, intermediate and experienced early care and learning professionals working with children of all ages, from infants/toddlers to school age children, including children with extra support needs.

Facilitator(s): Michele Maurer
Michele is a parent of two young adults, married for 25 years, and working with children, youth and families for 30+ years in the counselling field. Michele works in private practice as a parent consultant and couples’ therapist, and as a member of faculty with the Neufeld Institute. She is a regular presenter and facilitator of workshops about attachment, child development, emotion and play.

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