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Aug 26 2023


9:30 am - 12:45 pm





Understanding Meltdowns, Shutdowns and Autistic Burnout

Most of us have experienced a tantrum – either our own or by others where the ‘challenging behaviour’ stops when the need is met.  Meltdowns, shutdowns and burn-out are not about getting something or manipulating others but about life stressors being greater than one’s sensory/emotional capacity.  Let’s explore our nervous systems and how they are designed to protect us when we become over-stimulated.  We will see how meltdowns are often usually exhibited externally and may be triggered by a tantrum.  Shutdowns on the other hand are meltdowns that are turned inward and then we will learn how all of these can lead to Autistic Burnout.


Pam Collins is a late-identified neurodivergent parent to two amazing multiply neurodivergent adult sons. She provides Neurodiverse-Affirming parent coaching, consulting and education services to families and community partners and has been supporting families for over 23 years.   


Suitable for all early learning professionals and parents.


Pro D Certificate: Yes, 3 hours.


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