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Mar 06 2024


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm





Understanding Behaviour Issues Based on the Attachment Theory – VIRTUAL

Studies have confirmed that developing secure attachment relationships is critical for the healthy development of young children, including those in group child care settings. However, the relationships between early childhood educators and children differ from those between parents and children, so applying attachment theory in group child care settings can be challenging.


This workshop will guide early childhood educators to understand their  crucial roles in developing attachment relationships while discussing different kinds of attachment types and start discussions on strategies for developing attachment relationships with children. Moreover, early childhood educators will have opportunities to connect common misbehaviors with different attachment styles to increase opportunities to apply attachment theory when working with young children.


This workshop is designed for early childhood educators, especially those who work with infants and toddlers in group child care settings.


Minnie Mossop is a dedicated infant and toddler specialist with a deep  commitment to the field of early childhood education. Her academic qualifications include a Ph.D. and MA in Infant and Early Childhood Development, complemented by an M.Ed. and MA in Early Childhood Education, which equip her with a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical insights.

Her research interests encompass a broad spectrum of topics within early childhood mental health, such as attachment, brain development, and co-regulation. Dr. Mossop has a specific focus on translating these principles to group childcare settings, which present unique challenges and opportunities.

She currently serves as a faculty member of the Early Childhood Education Program at Douglas College.


Beyond academia, she has provided expert guidance to families and early childhood educators throughout North America, offering support via online and offline consultations and group workshops. She has also had the privilege of presenting at a national conference, further broadening her impact in the field of early childhood education.


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