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Jun 13 2024


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm





The Inclusive Classroom

“Children with autism bring many joys to our classrooms. However, they may require accommodations, modifications, and supports that differ from those supporting neurotypical children to best experience and share these joys. Often, autistic children will receive a support person. However, children who are waiting for an assessment, are typically left without formal support, understanding, or plans, while educators try their best to fill in the gaps. In cases where a support person is in place, the divide that exists both within knowledge and roles between “the support person” and “the educators” leads to a divide among children and care. This workshop will give educators the foundational knowledge of an autism diagnosis, the implications for social-emotional learning, and insight into how to best support children on the spectrum in an inclusive manner. Topics covered: autism, routines, functions of behaviour, sensory processing, positive language, and AAC.”

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