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Mar 09 2024


9:30 am - 11:30 am





Supporting Children’s Home Languages to Build Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Early Years Settings

Date: Saturday, March 9, 2024
Cost: $5
Time: 9:30 am-11:30 am
Location: Online
Instructor: Julie Hanson, Farrah Rahim and Andrea Rizzuto
Join us for this journey in becoming diverse, equitable and inclusive Early Years Centres. In this workshop we will discuss information about multilingualism, dispel myths about this area, reflect on our own practice, and discuss the importance of self-awareness and objectivity.  We will share specific tools and strategies for educators to create warm and welcoming environments for everyone. The workshop includes the following early learning framework inquiries:
Well-being and Belonging
Nurturing a sense of well-being and belonging supports children as they learn about and investigate the world around them. 
Children’s Communication and Literacies 
Children use multiple modes of expressive language to communicate ideas, participate in relationships and make meaning in their homes and communities.
Identities , Social, Responsibility, and Diversity
A positive personal and cultural identity is the awareness, understanding and appreciation of all facets that contribute to a healthy sense of oneself. 

Julie Hanson has been an Early Childhood Educator for 24 years, having received her Diploma in Early Childhood Education from Douglas College. Since then, she has gained experience in a variety of areas within the field of Early Childhood Education: Director of a preschool, supervisor of after-school care as well as 3-5 and Infant Toddler programs and centre management. Her primary focus has evolved to encompass team leadership, management training and program development. She has had articles published in provincial and national ECE journals on the topic of emergent curriculum and leadership. Her goal as an Early Childhood Educator and facilitator is to support fellow educators and early years professionals in providing high-quality early learning experiences for children and families.
Farrah Rahim thinks with her heart.  This has catapulted her to a successful career in pediatric and adult speech language pathology. Farrah was born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario. She has 2 young children and a husband with whom she loves to spend time. Farrah completed her B.Sc. in Biopsychology at Western University and her M.Sc. in Speech Language Pathology at Dalhousie University. She started her career working in an outpatient program for people with Traumatic Brain Injuries as well as across various inpatient areas of a local hospital, dealing with both swallowing and communication disorders. She also worked for several years in private practice primarily with the pediatric population. Since 2009, Farrah has been working in the school board setting, supporting students with language and communication difficulties and their teaching staff to ensure that students can be as successful as possible in their academic setting. Farrah also has a passion for giving back to the world and she feels that this is the way to true happiness. She does this through connecting people with resources and helping people see their potential so that they can be changemakers in their own lives. She has mentored many young girls and new immigrants both informally and through a girl’s mentorship program. In the near future Farrah would like to pursue playing the piano and writing a children’s book.
Andrea Rizzuto is a woman of energy and action! She is a mom of two young boys and has a passion for all things speech-language pathology. Andrea was born and raised in the GTA and completed her Master’s of Health Sciences in Speech Language Pathology from the University of Toronto. Andrea has worked in multi-disciplinary clinics and a Toronto-based school board giving her a wide variety of experience in all areas of pediatric speech language pathology. She has hosted a variety of teacher and parent training workshops on a range of topics related to speech and language issues. Andrea has also served as a Health Guest Editor in CityLife Magazine. Andrea takes great pleasure in working collaboratively with children and their families, and in working towards helping children become effective communicators. She believes that early intervention is effective intervention. When Andrea is not at work, she can be found enjoying her time with her husband and two young boys, watching movies, baking up a storm in the kitchen, and playing on the playground.

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