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Mar 20 2024


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm




In Person

Sparking Self-reflection Through Exploring Family Systems – IN PERSON

The intention of this workshop is to introduce a new perspective on the   complex emotional systems of families and how our own experiences may  impact our work. Families have the most important role and influence on their children’s well-being and learning. How our families influenced us plays a big part in the image of children and childhood we develop. By exploring the  Bowen Family Systems theory (a leading theory in family therapy) while reflecting on our own family systems, our professional development can become more individually meaningful, and the holistic nature of our personal and professional development becomes highlighted. Participants will be introduced to some patterns families can fall into to mange emotions, stress, anxiety and tension along with how they can affect family systems and the individuals in them. Many of these patterns are unconscious and automatic causing them to be unintentionally perpetuated. Awareness of our own family patterns can help us to be more intentional in our work. All concepts in BFS theory apply to non-family groups such as work and social groups. This workshop will provide opportunities for both self-reflection and active      engagement. Although this workshop introduces a therapeutic theory it is meant for awareness only and is not meant to replace therapy.

Over my 20 years as an ECE I have come to highly value knowledge acquired through a combination of lived experience and education. I have trained in the Bowen Family System Theory and The Principals of Collective Trauma Healing along with facilitator training for Roots of Empathy, MAPS & PATHS, and Non-violent Crisis Intervention. I look forward to learning from  participants’ lived experiences.


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