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Home Events - Early Years BC Early Care and Education Rockin’ Rocks: Salt and Fresh Water


Nov 25 2023


10:00 am




In Person

Rockin’ Rocks: Salt and Fresh Water

Water is amazing! It can be a solid, liquid and gas and both fresh and salty. In this hands-on workshop, we will explore the properties of both fresh and salt water and how this connects to density. We will also investigate ways to explore rocks and other natural objects with young children, and how these activities connect to investigating the natural world, developing a sense of wonder for natural environments through active exploration, thinking and reasoning; using our bodies and senses to build, create and design in various ways utilising different materials and techniques, to identify and try possible solutions to problems in meaningful contexts and situations. The aim is to express a zest for living and lifelong learning.

Living Inquiries:

Well-being and Belonging.
Engagement with others, materials, and the world.
Communication and literacies.


Joy in relationships with people, place, materials and ideas.
Every child is a gift.
Interests and inquiries.
Knowledge and theories.
Spaces, objects, and materials.
Vocabulary, symbols, and written language.

Suitable for students, intermediate and experienced early care and learning professionals working with children of all ages and abilities, from infants/toddlers to school age children.

Facilitator(s): Marianna Cavezza

Marianna is an Experiential Learning Specialist at Science World. She is a passionate early childhood advocate with over twenty-five years in the field and has worked in a variety of roles, including as a Strong Start Facilitator, ECE instructor, as well as an Early Interventionist.

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