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Sep 26 2024


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm





Nurturing Emotional Well-Being and Resilience in Children

Session 1: Unveiling the Signs: Understanding and Recognizing Stress in Children

– What does stress look like in children

Session 2: Building Blocks of Well-being: Exploring Factors Impacting Children’s Emotional, Cognitive, and Physical Development

– Child development (including sleep & family dynamics)

Session 3: Emotional Empowerment: Tools and Techniques for Children to Thrive

– Activities & strategies to build your toolbox

Session 4: Empowering Childcare Providers: Strategies for Building Resilience in Professional and Personal Life

-Effective self-management (including communication)


Rishma Dhalla is a registered Occupational Therapist. Over her 30 year career, Rishma has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience with various populations and multiple areas of practice. The last half of Rishma’s career has seen a growth in providing educational workshops for the CCRR, VCH, UBC, UHN, and various private organizations. Rishma’s goal is to empower childcare providers to cultivate emotional well being and build resilience in the children they serve.               


Suitable for child care providers, child care workforce, and parents.


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