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Oct 04 - 05 2022


9:30 am - 1:00 pm

Mothers Mental Health Toolkit Training: October 2022

Enhance your maternal mental health literacy at this online event
Often you are the first point of contact for a mother struggling with their mental health.

This newly updated workshop hosted by the BC Council for Families will enhance your mental health literacy, provide a guide for the promotion of mental wellness for mothers, and promote practices that build resiliency and a strong network of community supports.

The valuable toolkit is a workbook-style resource that will increase maternal mental health knowledge, skills, and confidence among those working with mothers and families.

This toolkit and workshop will:

enhance your mental health literacy,
provide you with a guide for promoting mental wellness for mothers,
teach tools and techniques to help you prevent mental health issues,
help you recognize the risks and signs of possible mental illness,
help you guide women and their families–and other people supporting them–to understand and access assessment and treatment services, and
enhance your knowledge of community responses and support that encourage recovery and decrease stigma.


The event is finished.

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