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Apr 25 2024


Mountain Time
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm



Maggie Dent – Feisty Roosters and Quiet Lambs. How temperament and more can affect our parenting.

This webinar is for anyone who lives or works with children, toddlers to teens – parenting author Maggie Dent explores not only her concept of the ‘rooster and lamb continuum’ but other influences that can confuse you as a parent. Maggie unpacks how better understanding our children’s temperament can guide us in our relationship with them.

Maggie explores…

  • The key characteristics of roosters and lambs & how to identify where you and your child are on the continuum.
  • Top tips for parenting roosters to ensure they remain confident without turning into bullies.
  • Top tips for parenting lambs to ensure that they maintain their empathy and sensitivity – without getting walked over by others in life.
  • Roosters and lambs as teenagers – some key things to know.
  • How the concepts of introverts, extroverts, orchids and dandelions can all be helpful in better understanding and knowing how to parent/work with children and teens.
  • Compassionate communication strategies for challenging behaviour.
  • Creating a family solution-seeking process regardless of temperament.


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