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Jul 20 2024


30 min. lunch Break.
9:30 am - 2:00 pm




In Person

Introduction to Neuropsychology: Learning & Memory

Kathleen loves studying the brain, and shares with you, that you do not need to be a rocket scientist to explore this fascinating subject of Neuropsychology. This introductory workshop will increase your understanding of how the brain affects behaviour and how behaviour affects the brain. Why do we forget? Why do we remember? How do we learn? and, how can we create fun educational experiences that may enhance long-term memory function? Kathleen looks forward to your participation in this journey of discovery.


Join us 9-9:30AM for light refreshments!


Kathleen is a Canadian painter, sculptor, author, poet and inventor, who has carved a professional career as a working artist since 1990. She is respected internationally and is dedicated to the enhancement of public spaces with meaningful and thought-provoking art. She holds a Bachelor of Arts, Psychology degree and has a background in Early Childhood Education Special Needs and acting.


Suitable for child care providers, child care workforce, and parents.


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