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Home Events - Early Years BC Professional Ethics and Practice Grief and Loss in Professional Practice: October 2022


Oct 03 - 04 2022


10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Grief and Loss in Professional Practice: October 2022

Learn to Identify, acknowledge and process professional loss
Grieving professional losses is important and necessary to help prevent compassion fatigue and burnout in human service work. As the saying goes, “the only cure for grief is to grieve.”

Helping professionals often form strong workplace bonds, putting them at risk for complex feelings of loss when these bonds end or change. Losses may include organizational restructuring, the departure of a co-worker, the end of a client relationship, or, in more serious circumstances, when someone dies. Experiencing strong feelings during these times can be confusing, as these emotions may not be acknowledged or validated by social workplace norms; this is known as “disenfranchised grief.”

In this workshop hosted by the BC Council for Families, participants will learn how to identify, acknowledge and process losses; honour and work with grief in a professional context; maintain professional boundaries, and practice restorative and compassionate self-care.

Workshop Highlights

Identifying and understanding ambiguous and disenfranchised grief
Honouring emotions while remaining boundaried in our work
Supporting yourself and others through loss in professional practice
Practice examples and scenarios


The event is finished.

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