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Mar 14 2024


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm



Early Childhood Education… The Landscape for Autistic Children

This 2-hour workshop is geared towards building early childhood
educators’ understanding for the traits of autistic children and how to support their early learning and social emotional skills in a neurodiverse affirming way. It is designed specifically for educators working with children ages 0-6.

The workshop will incorporate current trends in research of child
development, neurodiversity and attachments to support educators in building a deeper understanding for the needs of young autistic children and/or those presenting with autistic traits but not yet diagnosed. Through storytelling and tangible strategies, the goal is for participants to complete the workshop with a deeper understand for the neurodiversity in young children and bridge this understanding so they can apply strategies that best support children in the learning and environments.

Topics to be covered:

-Understanding neurodiversity and autism today.
-What is neurodiverse affirming mean in caregiving.
-What are the challenges that autistic children may encounter in early learning environments.
-What are social and emotional expectations for neurodiverse early learners.
-Deeper understanding for the diverse ways young children learn
Evidence-based strategies to support learners.

  • Capacity: Full
  • Is this a single event or an ongoing course?: Single Event

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