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Jul 17 2023


6:00 pm





Comply with Confidence: Navigating BC Employment Law to Safeguard Your Business

This webinar is designed to help employers understand their legal obligations and how to create a fair work environment for their employees. It will guide participants to explore and understand the basic legal obligations required of employers, the consequences of failing to meet those obligations and the steps available to address complaints; as well as identify ways they can ensure they are treating their ECE employees fairly, and apply practical tips in creating employment contracts.

Living Inquiries:

Well-being and Belonging.
Engagement with others, materials, and the world
Identities, social responsibility, and diversity.


Joy in relationships with people, place, materials and ideas.
Safety and respect.
Interests and inquiries.
Knowledge and theories.
Individual differences.
Social responsibility and justice.

Suitable for ECE students, intermediate and experienced early care and learning professionals working with children of all ages, from infants/toddlers to school age children, including children with extra support needs.

Facilitator(s): Nora Berg & Erin Brandt

Nora is the Assistant Director of BC Programs at Justice Education Society of BC. As a non-practicing lawyer, she has been working in the Public Legal Information and Education sector for the last 7 years. She uses her content expertise and plain language skills to help British Columbians learn about the law and our justice system, assisting them to be more able to deal with their legal issues.

Erin is the co-founder of PortaLaw. She is an employment and human rights lawyer who helps employees and businesses with issues that arise at work. Erin also helps with human rights issues such as disability accommodation, sexual harassment and maternity/parental leaves.

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