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Mar 14 - 23 2024


(Please see the event schedule below.)
8:00 am - 6:00 pm





Break the Silence Series (2 Day Course)

Workshops will engage attendees in courageous conversations and experiential learning and empathy building activities to unpack and respond to the harmful impacts of prejudice, discrimination, racism and oppression on people of the global majority.


Session1: How to engage in Courageous Conversation about racism with children

– Four Agreements of Courageous Conversations

– Terms, vocabulary and theory

– Race as a social construct

– How children learn about race and racism

– Four Goals of Anti-bias Education for children


Session 2: Active Witnessing

– Unconscious Bias: Microaggressions

– Calling In and Calling Out

– Witnessing Blocks; Bystander Effect

– Witnessing Triangle; Four Levels of Witnessing

– Active Witnessing response practice


Angela has been teaching for 23 years. She held a school district Anti-racism and Diversity Consultant position for 7 years and was seconded to SFU as a Faculty Associate for 3 years to mentor student teachers in the Indigenous Perspectives Teacher Education Module. She is currently a District Mentor supporting early career teachers. Angela holds an undergraduate degree in Cultural Anthropology from UBC and a Master’s degree in Diversity in Curriculum and Instruction from SFU.            


Suitable for all early learning professionals and parents.


Pro D certificate: Yes, 6 hours.


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Hourly Schedule

Event Schedule

7PM - 9PM
Thursday, March 14th
Angela Ma Brown
9:30AM - 2:00PM
Saturday, March 23rd
(includes a half hour lunch break)
Angela Ma Brown
Angela Ma Brown

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