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Jan 27 2024


9:30 am




In Person

Beginners Drawing Skills for Adults and Drawing with Young Children

Every line, every mark on a creation, tells a story. Drawing skills foster the language of art as an expressive medium for meaningful conversations through storytelling and self-reflection. Drawing skills expand on the multiple modes of communication where educators listen to and honour the incredible range of expressive languages children use to communicate. Learning to draw enhances an educator’s communication skills, using the visual language of art to create dynamic teachers. Develop your cognitive skills, improve your self-confidence, and learn how to teach your new drawing skills to children in simple fun ways, every day. Through his workshop participants may:

Explore how to see with an artist’s eye.
Understand how basic geometric shapes govern our understanding of what we see.
Discover how light sourcing influences what we see and how light wraps form.
Appreciate how our emotional state is affected by our environment and expressed in our art.

NOTE: Kindly refrain from eating, drinking or cell phone use during class time.

Living Inquiries:

Communication and literacies.


Multiple modes of communication.
Language and communication.
Suitable for students, parents, adult instructors/administrators, intermediate and experienced early care and learning professionals working with children of all ages, from infants/toddlers to school age children, including children with extra support needs.

Facilitator(s): Kathleen Tonnesen

Kathleen is a Canadian painter, sculptor, author, poet and inventor who has carved a professional career as a working artist since 1990, and is respected internationally, as dedicated to the enhancement of public spaces with meaningful and thought provoking art. She holds a Bachelor of Arts, Psychology Major through Thompson Rivers University in BC and has a background in Early Childhood Education Special Needs, psychology and acting. Kathleen strives to connect families and communities through the language of art and martial arts as well. Her passion is working with children, and unleashing the child within the adult, thereby encouraging personal growth. She is the author of How to Draw: Step-By-Step Charcoal Portraits for Beginners available everywhere.

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