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Oct 21 2023


All Day


In Person

Agassiz Educator Training Conference

Presented by Mission/ Agassiz CCRR, Agassiz/ Harrison Hot springs Childcare group, Funded by PD bursary



Join us for an All day Training conference open to  ECE’s, ECEA’s, RA”s, EA, Teachers working with children.

Choose one option.   You must be registered to attend.


Option 1

Trauma Informed Practice for Educator/Caregivers  

presented by Catherine Drennan MCFD  


Learn how adverse childhood experience (ACES) could lead to lifelong challenges and struggles, dive into what trauma is and how it impacts brain development and discuss the importance of connection and how everyday experiences impact brain development.  

Explore the importance of self-care and your window of tolerance, learn strategies to reduce and/ or eliminate explosive behaviors, create a sensory informed environment


 Option 2

Calm Curriculum Kit Training for Early Childhood Educators  

presented by Kiran Sidhu/  Jodie Elliott FVCDC

The CALM Curriculum© is research informed (2022) and 

evidence-based early care and learning program. Children 

are engaged in fun, play-based, developmentally 

appropriate activities, birth to eight years of age, in helping 

to foster self-awareness and building their social emotional 

well-being competencies. 

Melvin the Monkey engages children in songs, games, stories 

and activities to help them cope with the stressors in their 

lives. Children will learn about their energy states, emotions, 

problem solving strategies, impulse control, kindness, 

empathy and more. 

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