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Home Events - Early Years BC Curriculum/Program Development Indigenous Online “Aansaamb aen kiskayhtaamaahk – Learning Together”


Feb 21 2024


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



“Aansaamb aen kiskayhtaamaahk – Learning Together”

“Aansaamb aen kiskayhtaamaahk – Learning Together” (Heritage Michif, translated by Norman Fleury) is a professional learning guide, resource kit and three professional development workshops intended to support early learning and childcare professionals to integrate Métis content in early years programming. The three
workshops provide additional opportunities to support incorporating Métis specific teachings within early learning programming, promoting learning environments in which Métis culture is recognized and celebrated.
Session Two
This workshop series is divided into three sessions. Session Two introduce the Métis Core Values related to learning. It also addresses the concept of cultural safety and provides strategies on how to create a culturally safe learning environment to support the well-being of all children.
“Aansaamb aen kiskayhtaamaahk Learning Together”

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